4th Workshop on Graph-based Technologies and Applications

Graph-TA, organised by the DAMA-UPC (Data Management) group of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech, aims at encouraging researchers to present their current work and interact in an informal set up in order to foster collaboration with other colleagues. Thus, the workshop provides a forum for presenting and discussing research results and applications in the domain of graphs from different communities, i.e. computer science researchers working in the fields of database and management technologies, pattern recognition, graph algorithms, etc., practitioners using graphs to model their field of application, researchers in mathematics and physical sciences, representing, for instance, the graph theory and complex systems fields, etc.

As part of the program of 4th edition of this workshop, Irini Fundulaki, from FORTH, presented the Hobbit project objectives for abolishing the barriers to the adoption and deployment of Big Linked Data. These objectives are to to provide open benchmarking reports that allow users and developers to assess the fitness of existing solutions for their purposes. However, achieving this goal demands: (a) the deployment of benchmarks on data that reflects reality within realistic settings (b) the provision of corresponding industry-relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and (c) the computation of comparable results on standardized hardware. Although some efforts have already been undertaken to benchmark particular steps of the Big Linked Data (BLD) Processing chain, there was no significant and coordinated effort so far that aimed to measure the fitness of current frameworks based on real data along complete BLD processing pipelines.

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