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HOBBIT Spatial Benchmark V2.0

A number of real and synthetic benchmarks have been proposed for evaluating the performance of link discovery systems. So far, only a limited number of link discovery benchmarks target the problem of linking geo-spatial entities. However, some of the largest knowledge bases of the Linked Open Data Cloud, such as LinkedGeoData contain vast amounts of […]

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Ontology Matching (OM 2017)

Since 2004 OAEI organises campaigns aiming at evaluating ontology matching tools and technologies. This year FORTH along with HOBBIT participated in the OAEI 2017 Instance Matching Track and introduced the HOBBIT Link Discovery Track. The Tasks come with two datasets the Sandbox and Mainbox characterized by the number of instances to match (i.e., scale). The […]

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HOBBIT Linking and Spatial Benchmarks

The number of datasets published in the Web of Data as part of the Linked Data Cloud is constantly increasing. The Linked Data paradigm is based on the unconstrained publication of information by different publishers, and the interlinking of Web resources across knowledge bases.  In most cases, the cross-dataset links are not explicit in the […]

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