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Mimicking of Production Machine Event Data

The project HOBBIT aims to provide a platform for technology users, solution providers, and scientific community to assess the fitness of existing solutions for their purposes based on industrial data. The challenge here is to provide a tool to reproducible generate an arbitrary amount of these data for different benchmarks. The solution within HOBBIT is […]

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Generating Big Linked Data for HOBBIT: Mimicking Production Machine and IT Data

With the digitalization in manufacturing and European initiatives like Factory of the Future or national programs like Industrie 4.0 supporting this development, the need for processing big data, coming from sensors, machine logs, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and other sources is becoming more and more important especially when it comes to bringing added value […]

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HOBBIT and IT Management: the USU perspective

The USU Group is the largest European provider of IT management and knowledge management software. Market leaders in all sectors of the international economy use USU applications to create transparency, to become more agile, to save costs, and to reduce risks. The research department of USU Software AG develops solutions that transfer ITIL standardized IT […]

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