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HOBBIT Open Challenges: A New Era I

During the second year of the project, the first series of HOBBIT challenges was successfully organized and preparations for the challenges that will run during 2018 have started. HOBBIT is also proud to announce the launch of a series of four HOBBIT Open Challenges. The HOBBIT Open Challenges will ensure continuous participation and systems evaluation. […]

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HOBBIT: 15 months and counting

During the 3rd HOBBIT plenary meeting, which took place in Athens on the 1st and 2nd of February 2017, we summarized the current state of affairs. We have been working hard towards the project’s objectives. We are on schedule to: Organize five benchmarking challenges and obtain first results by Summer-Autumn 2017 Establish the HOBBIT association […]

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HOBBIT: Quo Vadis?

HOBBIT is now almost one year old. Within the 2nd plenary meeting, which took place in Leipzig  between September 26th and 27th, we recapitulated the current state of affairs and have been pushing towards converting the results of this plenary into a reality over the last months. Overall, the plenary showed that we are on […]

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