Big Linked Data Benchmarking Survey

We opened up a short survey to question the industry and other potential partners on how they are evaluating their software. The goal of this survey is to determine industry-relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s) for building benchmarks that measure these factors. With this survey, we aim to raise awareness about the HOBBIT project and lay a foundation for potential contacts to build the HOBBIT association. This association will play a key role in determining the form of the HOBBIT benchmarking platform, by providing KPI’s, use cases and datasets.

We invite everyone who could possibly benefit from the HOBBIT platform or its association in any way, to fill in the survey, which should take no more than five minutes to complete. Completing this survey makes it possible to win one of the 13 Amazon voucher with a value up to 50$ and six months of free membership within the association once it has been formed.


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