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HOBBIT collaborates with EuroStars project DIESEL

HOBBIT collaborates with European research projects to support their benchmarking activities. One of the ongoing collaborations is with the DIESEL project, which aims to develop a Linked-Data driven keyword search engine suited for handling extensive amounts of enterprise data. HOBBIT and DIESEL teamed up to provide a supplementary dataset for the QALD-7 challenge at the […]

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Preliminary Survey Results

In this post, we will present some preliminary results of the survey we ran for the past few months. At the time of writing, there were 61 survey participants. These were evenly divided among the different profiles, namely solution providers, technology users and scientific community. Most of the participants have two or more of these profiles. All […]

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Upcoming Evaluation Campaigns powered by HOBBIT technologies, almost.

In a former blog post, we presented the predecessor of the HOBBIT platform, the General Entity Annotator Benchmarking Framework (GERBIL) [1]. This framework has been adopted by two evaluation campaigns as described in this post. These campaigns focus on tasks such as entity recognition, entity typing and question answering. Open Knowledge Extraction Challenge The OKE […]

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