Come and meet the HOBBIT Project @ ISWC-2017

The H2020 project HOBBIT proudly  organises the BLINK 2017 and co-organises the NLIWoD3 at ISWC 2017.  In addition to the workshops, HOBBIT organises the QALD Challenge on Question Answering and participates with the Link Discovery Task at the OAEI Ontology Matching Workshop.

We will present all events in the following. The BLINK and NLIWoD3 accepted papers will be published by CEUR ( The OM 2017 proceedings and the QALD accepted papers will be published by Springer Verlag LNCS Volume.

Workshop on Benchmarking Linked Data (BLINK)

The BLINK workshop will take place on October 21 (Saturday) in the afternoon session of the ISWC workshops. Have a look at our great program including 5 paper presentations here.

BLINK provides a forum where topics related to the evaluation of Linked Data technologies, for different steps of the Big Linked Data Chain, can be discussed and elaborated upon. This workshop is bringing together a broad range of attendants interested in benchmarking Big Linked Data. It aims at identifying collectively the specific needs and challenges of the domain, in order to foster interdisciplinary collaborations towards attaining the resolution of these challenges.

HOBBIT Link Discovery Task at the OAEI OM 2017 workshop

The HOBBIT Link Discovery Task has been accepted at the OAEI Ontology Matching (OM) workshop at ISWC 2017.  The OM workshop conducts an extensive and rigorous evaluation of ontology matching and instance matching  in addition to link discovery approaches through the OAEI (Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative) 2017 campaign.

The aim of this Task is to test the performance of instance matching and link discovery tools that implement string-based as well as topological approaches for identifying matching spatial entities. The frameworks will be evaluated for both accuracy (precision, recall and f-measure) and time performance. Find more information at the HOBBIT Link Discovery Task website!

The 3rd International Workshop on Natural Language Interfaces for Web of Data (NLIWoD)

The NLIWoD workshop will take place on Sunday morning, October 22nd, at ISWC  2017. There are two main obstacles to making the billions of RDF triples already available accessible to common Web users: (1) the need to learn the query language SPARQL, and (2) the need to know the schemas underlying the datasets. Approaches to ease the access to the Web of Data include graphical query interfaces, agent-based systems, and natural language interfaces. Amongst them, natural language interfaces are receiving an increasing interest due to their highly expressive power and low cost for educational purposes. Recent progresses in speech recognition technologies (e.g., Siri and Google Voice) also demonstrate the usefulness of a natural language interface. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts on the use of natural-language interfaces (NLI) for accessing the Web of Data. Come and join us!

8th Question Answering over Linked Data challenge (QALD)

Finally, the NLIWoD 3 workshop hosts the 8th QALD challenge. Participants of the NLIWoD 3 workshop are cordially invited to participate with their tools. Users can display the capabilities of their systems using the provided online benchmarking platform GERBIL QA on a novel test dataset comprising 45 new questions as well as their SPARQL representation. Check out the results in our second session at the NLIWoD workshop!

We are proud to support the second series of challenges through the HOBBIT project and look forward to meeting you and your ideas at ISWC 2017.



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