What is HOBBIT?

The goal of HOBBIT is to abolish the barriers in the adoption and deployment of Big Linked Data by European companies, by means of open benchmarking reports that allow them to assess the fitness of existing solutions for their purposes.

HOBBIT consists of the HOBBIT platform and the HOBBIT association.

What is the goal of the HOBBIT platform?

The goal of the HOBBIT platform is to provide a generic platform for evaluating software using benchmarks. The platform supports the generation of open, human- and machine-readable reports on the evaluation campaign results. The published data includes all experiment metadata, as well as fine-grained results for the different KPIs, overall results for tools and the correlation between the tool results and the KPIs for diagnostics. It is a key element in the successful deployment of Big Linked Data solutions.

Is HOBBIT useful for me?

If you are into Big or Linked Data, then HOBBIT is useful for you. The platform will provide you with

  1. fair benchmarking results
  2. across the whole Linked Data lifecycle
  3. according to industry-defined key performance indicators.

While we foresee a large number of possible applications. Here are some across different types of organizations:

  • Linked Data Service and Solution Provider: HOBBIT can benchmark your solution with different scales of data and provide you feedback on how to make it better.
  • Linked Data Technology Users: HOBBIT can tell you which solution fits your requirements. Moreover, we can mimick your data to benchmark solutions to your specification.
  • Scientific Community: You are working on innovative solutions for the Linked Data Lifecycle? Integrate your solution into HOBBIT, get permalinks for your papers as well as proof that you outperform the state of the art on several datasets at once.

What is the goal of the HOBBIT association?

Joining the association means regular high-quality benchmarking of your solutions with clear open reports comparing system performances. This valuable feedback is essential to help with the further improvement of your products.

Who is part of HOBBIT?

HOBBIT consists of InfAI (coordinator, Germany), Fraunhofer IAIS (Germany), FORTH (Greece), NCSR “Demokritos” (Greece), iMinds (Belgium), USU Software AG (Germany), OpenLink Software (UK), AGT Group R&D GmbH (Germany) and TomTom (Poland). See contact information here.