Technology Users

Discover solutions

There are several technologies in the market that make difficult to evaluate and pick the right one. HOBBIT will invite vendors to commit their solutions into the challenges campaigns.

Your Indicators

A benchmark is only useful if it measures indicators of real importance for the industry. HOBBIT will issue open calls for performance indicators along with calls for data within industrial events. These will build the basis for extending the already comprehensive list of performance indicators available to the consortium.

Your Data with Safety

Perform a benchmark with your own data employing mimicking algorithms that will compute and reproduce variables that characterize the structure of company-data. Feeding these characteristics into generators that will be able to generate data similar to real company data without having to make the real company data available to the public. The mimicking algorithms will be implemented in such a way that can be used within companies and simply return parameters that can be used to feed the generators.

Comparable Results

HOBBIT benchmarks are created with input from Industry (not academics or vendors). This means that benchmarks are designed under industrial needs with real data. The data generation benchmarks will compile the scores of the benchmarked tools according to the list of industry defined key performance indicators and return these as result of the evaluation.

How to take part

HOBBIT will release open calls for participation within which industrial partners will be invited to use the open-source mimicking algorithms provided by HOBBIT after the first project year to make generators for their own data available.