HOBBIT and IT Management: the AGT International perspective

In many cases IoT analytics release their power only when different data sources are integrated and correlated with each other. This makes Big Linked Data a key technology candidate to provide advanced and innovative IoT analytics.

AGT International is a leading player in IoT analytics, is active in established and upcoming verticals including Connected Cities, Sports & Entertainment and Industry 4.0. AGT International is also a thought leader in social IoT –the fusion of sensor data with social media data. AGT International was named by Gartner in 2016 as one of four cool vendors of IoT analytics. As a representative of the IoT analytics industry and a consortium member, AGT International has the following expectations towards HOBBIT:

  •  Broadening and deepening the experience with Big Linked Data technologies.
  •  Benchmarking results for established and bleeding-edge Big Linked Data technologies and analytics on Industry 4.0 and Social Media Data Sets.
  •  Acceleration of the development of its leading IoT platform.
  •  Improved performance, higher throughput, higher volume, lower latencies of IoT analytics.
  •  Establishment of a Big Linked Data Community to stay in touch with upcoming technologies and experts in the field.
  •  Promoting its own technologies and brand.

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