HOBBIT and IT Management: the USU perspective

The USU Group is the largest European provider of IT management and knowledge management software. Market leaders in all sectors of the international economy use USU applications to create transparency, to become more agile, to save costs, and to reduce risks.

The research department of USU Software AG develops solutions that transfer ITIL standardized IT service processes into the industrial domain. Our Industrial Big Data platform is designed to process large volumes of sensor data under high velocity in order to analyse complex production machinery close to real-time. It is based on a multi-layered architecture comprising best of bread open-source frameworks and solutions for specific tasks including Big Data storage, Big Data processing and infrastructure management and monitoring.

The platform is constantly enhanced and alternative frameworks, solutions and algorithms are tested and integrated. One of the major challenges here is to evaluate different solutions in order to select the most appropriate one that satisfies our customers’ requirements. This is where the HOBBIT benchmarking platform comes into place. The goal is to reuse benchmarks being developed by the project and being provided by the upcoming HOBBIT community for gaining reproducibility and thus, for continuously improving our solutions based on the evaluation results. In addition and thanks to its extensibility we will be able to include additional benchmarks if necessary. A side effect of the open-source strategy of HOBBIT is that we can even evaluate infrastructure providers against standardised benchmarking experiments for selecting the best infrastructure.

In order to ensure the industrial relevance of the benchmarks and their results, USU is a full member of the project HOBBIT and brings in industrial use-cases as well as data from the IT and production domain.

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