HOBBIT @ Apache Big Data Europe 2016

Benchmarking for Big Data platforms is a topic of central importance for the adoption of these technologies in modern enterprises. Providing benchmarking platforms for evaluating the performance of frameworks and approaches objectively is thus a practice that will become ever more relevant over the next years.

This is the core message that resulted from the lively discussions that followed the HOBBIT talk at Apache Big Data Europe in Sevilla. Hundreds of companies (Platform vendors and users) were present at the event and delved into the newest developments in their Big Data platform of choice. HOBBIT was invited to give a talk of the Unified Benchmarking of Big Data Platforms. The talk was well attended with more than 25 participants, which were all interested in giving their point of view on how benchmarking could be done better and more effectively. The need for an open platform that can be used by companies “in-house” was made clear. Moreover, the interest in smoke testing and controlling updated versions of frameworks using benchmarks was expressed by platform providers. Existing benchmarks and their inclusion into HOBBIT rounded up the talk. The slides can be found here.  

Axel Ngonga presenting HOBBIT.

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