HOBBIT Association

During the second year of the project, HOBBIT has contacted BDVA with the aim of elaborating the creation of the HOBBIT association under its umbrella. After several rounds of negotiations, Special Group 7 under the existing task force 6 of BDVA was established . The task force focuses on technical aspects and standards for big data. Its main objective is to identify applications in which big data technologies can create the largest impact in Europe. SG7 will focus on big data benchmarking and will merge the efforts of several data benchmarking projects under one umbrella within which HOBBIT will take the lead of linked data benchmarking.

The subgroup description, objectives and activity plan have been officially presented during the BDVA Activity Group Meeting in March, 2018 by the SG7 leads Axel Ngonga and Arne Berre. The main objectives of the group were presented as follows:

  • Researching business and technical Big Data benchmarks
  • Monitoring European performance in Big Data technologies
  • Provision of benchmarks, performance indicators, tools and services