ESWC is one of the major hubs for academia and industry interested in Linked Data and the Semantic Web. Accordingly, the HOBBIT project was present and gave an overview of its goals to the Semantic Web community. Two major events were at the center of HOBBIT’s attendance to ESWC.

On June 1st, the first HOBBIT community meeting took place. The goal of this event was to introduce Semantic Web researchers to the HOBBIT project, to show our current progress and ask for input from the scientific community on which requirements they have for the platform.

Axel Ngonga (INFAI) started of by introducing the HOBBIT project, and why we need it.

Axel Ngonga at HOBBIT ESWC 2016 event

Axel Ngonga at HOBBIT ESWC 2016 event

Thereafter, Michael Röder (INFAI) presented the current design of the architecture underlying the HOBBIT platform.

Michael Röder (INFAI) at HOBBIT ESWC 2016 event

Michael Röder (INFAI) at HOBBIT ESWC 2016 event

Finally, Ruben Taelman (iMinds) gave an overview of the most important survey results.

For the next part of the event, the 21 participants split up to discuss requirements for the four benchmark areas: Generation & Acquisition, Analysis & Processing, Storage & Curation and Visualisation & Services. After 20 minutes, each groups presented their results, providing the project with several new requirements were identified that will be used to further influence the HOBBIT platform.

The next day, HOBBIT participated in the the EU networking session. Axel Ngonga, Michael Röder, Irini Fundulaki (FORTH) and Natasa Krithara (NCSR) liaised with the 33 participants of the events, which represented projects as diverse as XLime and MOVING. Supplementary requirements, exciting datasets and evaluation setups were the results of more than 2 hours of fruitful discussions which went way beyond the time allocated for the meeting.

By addressing more than 50 people overall, we were able to complete the first phase of the project (the elicitation of requirements) and are now looking forward to creating benchmarks, implementing the platform and helping the Linked Data world to become better and better.

Interested in joining us in this adventure? Then,

  1. Join our community at https://project-hobbit.eu/get-involved/.
  2. Come and talk to us at EDF and our post-EDF event (https://project-hobbit.eu/events/edf-2016/)
  3. Submit a paper to the HOBBIT workshop at ISWC 2016 (https://project-hobbit.eu/events/blink-2016/)


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