HOBBIT collaborates with EuroStars project DIESEL

HOBBIT collaborates with European research projects to support their benchmarking activities. One of the ongoing collaborations is with the DIESEL project, which aims to develop a Linked-Data driven keyword search engine suited for handling extensive amounts of enterprise data. HOBBIT and DIESEL teamed up to provide a supplementary dataset for the QALD-7 challenge at the Extended Semantic Web Conference 2017. Here metaphacts GmbH (DIESEL), Zazuko (DIESEL), the University of Leipzig (DIESEL) and the Institute for Applied Computer Science (HOBBIT) generated 50 novel questions. In addition to the metadata and the set of answers (formatted in RDF) available for each question, the collaboration also led to the creation of SPARQL queries executable over the Wikidata query service. This dataset serves now as the 4th task within the QALD-7 challenge and was tackled by two teams. Stay tuned for the results, which will be announced during the closing ceremony at ESWC.



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