EDF 2016 is now over and HOBBIT was present in several functions. We disseminated the idea of a universal benchmarking platform to the many European organizations and research projects that were present at the forum. Potential collaborations were established with data-driven projects pertaining to geo-spatial data and societal challenges, which will be followed through. Beware world! More benchmarks are probably coming your way.

The main event of HOBBIT at EDF was the post-EDF event co-organized with projects BigDataEurope and BYTE. These three Big-Data-oriented frameworks presented their goals and aims to the 40 participants who attended the event. HOBBIT’s presentation was given by the Project Coordinator, Axel Ngonga. The slides can be found here.

Axel Ngonga at EDF 2016

The subsequent discussion was subdivided into two groups. One focused on Big Data policies and dealt with aspects of policy making that are critical for Europe to stay on the Big Data train. HOBBIT was mainly at the core of the second discussion, which pertained to the monetarization of Big Data Benchmarking. The discussion was governed by the results of our survey and requirement elicitation discussed in Deliverable D1.2.1 of the project. Within the discussion, the participants mainly focused on the conditions that need to be fulfilled for small and large companies to be willing to use a benchmarking platform. The manifold possible usages of the HOBBIT platform as well as the corresponding consulting that can be drawn from the HOBBIT activities were discussed in depth and are now being considered by the consortium. Moreover, ideas for novel benchmarks were suggested by the ever-growing HOBBIT community. We are really thankful to all the participants who made this event a great success.

We are now excited and will start building the HOBBIT benchmarks and the benchmarking platform. Our first prototype has already revealed fascinating results. Moreover, we have begun collecting relevant datasets for the purpose of HOBBIT at that can be found at http://hobbit.iminds.be.

Join our community to remain informed at https://project-hobbit.eu/get-involved/. Moreover, you will find us at ISWC 2016, especially at the BLINK workshop, where we will present and discuss some of the new challenges and solutions to benchmarking Linked Data. You can also meet us at the Link Discovery – Algorithms, Approaches and Benchmarks and the SPARQL Querying Benchmarks tutorials at ISWC 2016.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us as explained at https://project-hobbit.eu/contacts/. We are looking forward to benchmarking your system soon. Stay tuned!

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