HOBBIT Open Challenges: A New Era I

During the second year of the project, the first series of HOBBIT challenges was successfully organized and preparations for the challenges that will run during 2018 have started.

HOBBIT is also proud to announce the launch of a series of four HOBBIT Open Challenges. The HOBBIT Open Challenges will ensure continuous participation and systems evaluation. In HOBBIT Open Challenges participants can join the challenge at any time and winners will be announced at predefined, periodic cutoff dates. Generous monetary prizes will be provided to the winners!

The new era of HOBBIT open challenges aims to measure the performance of technologies for the different steps of the Big Linked Data (BLD) lifecycle. In contrast to existing benchmarks, we will provide modular and easily extensible benchmarks for all industry-relevant BLD processing steps that allow to assess whole suites of software that cover more than one step. The infrastructure necessary to run the evaluation campaigns will be made available. Our architecture will rely on web interfaces and cloud infrastructures to ensure scalability.

The open challenges are:

The HOBBIT team is proud to announce that the first challenge of the training period of Open MOCHA has taken place. The results can be seen on the Open MOCHA Challenge Leaderboard. Browse the guidelines of how you can participate in the MOCHA Open Challenge. The goal  is to run a challenge each week until the end of January 2018.

The HOBBIT team is also very happy to to inform you that we are currently in the training phase of the OKE Open Challenge. The OKE Open Challenge Leaderboard is up and running too.  Take the chance to browse the description of the participating tasks and data sets for the OKE Open Challenge 2017-2018.


Stay tuned and participate in the HOBBIT Open Challenges!!



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