HOBBIT potential for enabling the business value of IoT

Software AdviceTM is a Gartner company, providing user reviews and research on software applications. Recently, Daniel Harris, one of Software AdviceTM Market Researchers, posted an article on use cases for IoT data analytics: “4 Emerging Use Cases for IoT Data Analytics“.

The article features two representatives of AGT International, a member of the HOBBIT consortium, namely Dr. Joachim Schaper (SVP Research) and Dr. Gadi Lenz (Chief Scientist). AGT International is a leading company in IoT analytics with activities in established and upcoming verticals including “Connected Cities, Sports & Entertainment, and Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)”. AGT International is a leader in social IoT–the fusion of sensor data with social media data– and was named by Gartner in 2016 as one of four cool vendors of IoT analytics.

The article states that the true business value of IoT emerges from analytics enabling transformative business opportunities. An important aspect of this statement is that the term “IoT data” is not restricted to sensor data in the conventional way, but also includes data from diverse sources, such as mobile geo-locations and social media. In many cases, IoT analytics emerge when different data sources are integrated and correlated with each other.

As a result, the presence of Big Data in the IoT realm is prominent and data from various sources must be inter-linked to make full use of its potential. Hence, there is a business need for technologies that are able to ingest, store, interlink, query, and analyze this data in an efficient way. The HOBBIT project provides the opportunity to benchmark the aforementioned technologies in an objective way, enabling the decision makers to select  appropriate tools to realize their new business opportunities.

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