Initial Data Management Plan Drafted!

In one of its key tasks, HOBBIT will continuously collect various datasets (i.e., not limited to specific domains) as the base for benchmarks. Those data will initially be provided by the project industrial partners, and later on by members of the HOBBIT community. A data management plan will be used as a guideline when handling the data submitted by members of the HOBBIT community to the benchmarks. Each year, we will update the data management plan, to reflect the wishes and needs of the community. In this initial plan, we discuss the envisioned data management lifecycle (how can data be added to the platform, how can it be accessed, and how long will it be kept?), as well as the details of the data management plan as they have been agreed upon by the consortium at this time.

To make the data discoverable and accessible, besides providing the generated benchmarks as dump files that can be loaded from the project repository, HOBBIT will also provide a SPARQL endpoint that will serve all the benchmark datasets. The HOBBIT SPARQL endpoint will enable the platform users to run their own queries against one or more benchmark(s) to obtain tailored benchmark(s) that fit exactly each user needs.

Data Management Lifecycle Overview

To keep the dataset submission process manageable, we host an instance of the CKAN open source data portal software, extended with custom metadata fields for the HOBBIT project. For the time being, this instance is hosted at When the benchmarking platform goes online, the CKAN instance will be moved there, to accommodate more space for datasets. Users who want to add a dataset of their own, first need to request to be added to an organization on the CKAN instance, after which they can add datasets to this organization

Datasets will be kept available on the HOBBIT platform for at least the lifetime of the project, unless they are removed by their owners. After the project, the HOBBIT platform will be maintained by the HOBBIT Association, and so will the datasets. Owners may add or remove a dataset at any time.

We invite all stakeholders to publish data sets that are suitable for benchmarking via the HOBBIT CKAN site.

More about HOBBIT initial data management plan can be found here.

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