Intermediate data management plan

This post provides an overview of our updated data management plan, which is part of deliverable D8.5.2, due June 2017. In this plan we describe how HOBBIT will allow data to be added to the platform, how it can be accessed, and how long it will be kept.

At our CKAN instance, we continuously collect datasets as the base for benchmarks. We will make the metadata of these datasets queryable using a Triple Pattern Fragments interface. 

This metadata will be provided using the DCAT-AP vocabularyThe published metadata will be updated at a regular frequency, to remain up-to-date with the actual CKAN contents. Next to that, we will maintain the historical information of this metadata to enable historical querying.

Currently, the CKAN instance contains 23 datasets, half of which are RDF datasets. 21 of those datasets are publicly available under an open license. The implementation of the publication pipeline of dataset metadata and its configuration are a work in progress and will be finished by the end of the project, i.e., the final version of the data management plan.

Screenshot of the current CKAN deployment.


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