HOBBIT Kickoff

The HOBBIT Kickoff meeting took in Luxembourg on the 18 and 19 January 2016. All 10 partners were present and showed the firsts results of the first month of the project. These, corresponde to creating a online presence, description of the datasets in the consortium and collecting events where the partners are to disseminate and attract industries that can get involved into the Hobbit aims.

The activities in Hobbit are ment to be driven by companies that work with Linked data. We are looking forward to commit with the scientific community, software vendors, data-driven companies and any company that uses, or is interested, in Linked Data as a solution. The events in our agenda ara currently 13th ESWC 2016, European Data Forum (EDF), CeBIT 2016,  5th International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications (DATA),  and ISWC 2016, to mention some. For a detailed list of events, check our events section. But you don’t need to assist to any of those events if you want to know more about Hobbit, only write us an email (see contact details at http://project-hobbit.eu/contacts/)!

The team

The team

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