HOBBIT has a clear concept to realise the objectives presented in the project description (see figure bellow). We begin by collecting data and KPIs (boxes on the left) from the community (including developers, vendors and academics). Initial datasets as well as initial KPIs are already available to the consortium. This data is used to create benchmarks for the different steps of the BLD lifecycle. These benchmarks are made available through the benchmarking platform, which also builds the basis for the challenges organized by the consortium. The participants provide solutions to address the challenges posed by the consortium in collaboration with the community by attaching their solutions to the platform. The consortium will provide baseline solutions by integrating existing solutions where possible. The results of the challenges are published automatically as reports. Moreover, the participants and the different communities can provide feedback via forms or directly to the consortium. This feedback is used to update the data, the KPIs and the benchmarks (incl. data generation, KPIs and task generation), thus closing the loop. A detailed explanation of this concept is given in the subsections below.