Reaching the HOBBIT Community

One of the core aims of the HOBBIT project is the establishment of the HOBBIT association, which will continue the efforts commenced within HOBBIT even after the termination of the project. The association will aim to establish itself as a vendor-independent entity responsible for specifying benchmarks and benchmarking procedures, verifying and publishing results for software systems designed to manage Big Linked Data. To achieve this goal, we regard the creation of an active community around HOBBIT of central importance to the project. During the first year of the project, we have hence tested and evaluated a plethora of reach out strategies, coupled with multi-channel dissemination strategies, to decide upon an effective and efficient reach out plan for the second year. While the results generated by the different approaches were limited by the content that could be offered by a project that is still at its beginning, we believe that the trends discovered throughout the first year are good indicators for the effectiveness of the chosen strategies. The strategy plan is completely aligned with the goals of the HOBBIT association, which is the ultimate target of the project in terms of reach out.

As such, we described the strategy and approaches that the HOBBIT consortium will follow to gather the members necessary to establish a self-sustaining HOBBIT association. In essence, the reach out strategy plan comprises the following parts:

  • Survey contacts as well as relevant mailing lists to establish requirements for the HOBBIT association as well as to extend the HOBBIT community list.
  • Presence at conference events (both academic and industrial) to present the HOBBIT results and invite potential collaborators and members of the community.
  • Disseminating HOBBIT-related contents and challenges to the community and potentially interested parties through multiple channels, including social media and mailing lists as well as  slide, project and paper repositories.
  • Extension of the HOBBIT platform with industry-relevant datasets to attract potential members to the association.



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