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Mimicking Twitter Data for Benchmark Generation

During the last decade, Twitter has become one of the most important microblogging services for online news and social networking on the Web with around 310 million monthly active users in March 2016. The increasing popularity of Twitter as a data source for a multitude of applications ranging from entity extraction to sentiment analysis around […]

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HOBBIT @ Apache Big Data Europe 2016

Benchmarking for Big Data platforms is a topic of central importance for the adoption of these technologies in modern enterprises. Providing benchmarking platforms for evaluating the performance of frameworks and approaches objectively is thus a practice that will become ever more relevant over the next years. This is the core message that resulted from the […]

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HOBBIT: Quo Vadis?

HOBBIT is now almost one year old. Within the 2nd plenary meeting, which took place in Leipzig  between September 26th and 27th, we recapitulated the current state of affairs and have been pushing towards converting the results of this plenary into a reality over the last months. Overall, the plenary showed that we are on […]

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